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Pain In My Lower Abdomen, Is This Common?

Pain In My Lower Abdomen, Is This Common?

Many days my lower abdomen feels inflamed & sore inside
I feel like it's my intestines, although I don't know that for sure. Wish there was a way to treat that. Any advice or suggestions? I'm new here1,, although I've had IBS for many years. My mom had it too. I also have fibro & psoriasis, which are both autoimmune disorders.

A myIBSteam Member said:

Hi Roly, you need to rule things out. Start with tests like the SIBO TEST. Do a colonoscopy. Do a stool sample. Are you overweight? Do you have fatty liver, gallstones? Have you had a HIDA test. If you had your GB out you may suffer large intestinal pain. The colon is more sensitive now. You could have a bacterial infection such as SIBO. Is your drinking water safe?

posted 3 months ago
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