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How Do I Make Myself Fart?
A myIBSteam Member asked a question 💭

Here’s a question no one wants to ask. How do I make myself fart? I have a lot of trapped gas. It’s uncomfortable and noisy. I want relief. TIA!😅

posted December 19, 2022
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A myIBSteam Member

Camomile tea helps. Also oregano spice in a tea by itself or sugar as it's bitter.

posted May 9
A myIBSteam Member

I usually take a mebeverine and sometimes I lie on my back and pull my knees to my chest. Getting a bit harder now that I am not so agile x

posted March 5
A myIBSteam Member


Club soda helps me.

posted February 2
A myIBSteam Member

When I am filled with air..I take a teaspoon of baking soda mixed really good in a glass of water..tastes terrible but it works for me

posted January 4
A myIBSteam Member

Walk until it passes

posted December 19, 2022 (edited)

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