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Support group in County Durham, UK

I've set up a support group in County Durham, UK for sharing experiences and helping each other. I want to meet others living with IBS to try and find a way to control our symptoms and live happily. We're stronger together. The group meets once a month in Durham city and our March meeting is next week!! Email me if you're interested: [[email: (Email address can only be seen by myIBSteam users)

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I wish we had a support group near to where I live Redcar area

posted 8 days ago

Support Group in Calgary

I am wondering if there are any members that might be interested in getting a support group in Calgary, Alberta. I would love to meet members that are also suffering from IBS so we can give each other support. If you are interested, please email me at (Email address can only be seen by myIBSteam users)

posted 11 days ago by A myIBSteam User

I need urgent treatment help in New Zealand???

I have been struggling more than normal these past few months! I just can't seem to get on top of these symptoms. Try are hitting me at all hours and unexpectedly. From bloating to severe pain to indigestion to severe diarrhea to severe constipation. Everyday is a complete struggle. Im at the point where I'm to scared to leave the house which is just adding to my anxiety. I'm in desperate search of people in New Zealand particularly Auckland that can give me tried and… read more

posted 12 days ago by A myIBSteam User

Hey Erin. I am so sorry that you're symptoms are so out of whack!! And it just SUCKS when your GP is useless as you feel so powerless as to what to do.… read more

posted 12 days ago

Left side abdominal pain.

I have been experiencing constant pain in my upper left abdomen for three months now. I feel nauseated all the time. The pain can radiate to the left side too.

I was seen by a GI doctor who did a Sigmoidoscopy and and Upper GI. Normal results. As well I had an abdominal/pelvic CT scan. Which was clear as well.

I am at a loss, my GI said IBS, but I have had it for 20 years and never experienced pain that persisted after a bowel movement. My doctor thinks it is in my head. But this is… read more

posted 13 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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We are not crazy! But it is driving me crazy

posted 7 days ago

What does a good day with IBS look like for you?

posted 13 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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A good day would be no pain and constant running to the loo also no pain in my back passage due to piles all the time due to the constant toilot runs… read more

posted 5 days ago

How do you get a disabled badge if you suffer from IBS?

posted 27 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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I'm afraid it's a vicious circle the pain comes you take the tablets and they upset you tummy it's such a cruel illness best wishes xxx

posted 23 days ago

What do you wish people would understand about having IBS?

posted 28 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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Bless you sweetheart, it makes it so uncomfortable to even think about going out, take care xxx

posted 17 days ago

What is your favorite romantic meal to cook for a loved one?

Please feel free to share the recipe.

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posted about 1 month ago by A myIBSteam User
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I can't eat that with my IBS it's roast chicken yorkshire pudding roast potato s mixed vegetables and gravely jelly and custard for sweet then a… read more

posted 17 days ago


I am meeting with my doctor today to discuss options for being nauseous all the time. I have tried a couple different options, but I am curious what has worked for others, and what hasn't?

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posted about 2 months ago by A myIBSteam User
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I use zofran. Yes it does take few minutes to start working, but it helps.

posted 10 days ago
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