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Are you satisfied with the treatments you receive for your IBS?

posted 2 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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I am very happy with my treatment as I take no meds at all. I follow the SIBO Diet and get acupuncture twice a month. I do get the odd flare up but I… read more

posted about 23 hours ago


Do most of you suffer from Migraines and Night Sweats at times??

posted 5 days ago by A myIBSteam User

No migraines but sweats yes

posted 2 days ago

Does anyone get right flank pain ?

posted 8 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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Thank you ! Me too
It's so strange that mine comes and goes but gets worse when my period gets close ...weird

posted 6 days ago

Is it possible to have IBS and coeliac disease?

Hey I've had IBS for as long as I can remember, but the doctors are now testing me for coeliac disease. Is possible to have both conditions?

posted 8 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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There now wanting to do a biopsy and other tests as there not sure on what else it could be.

posted 6 days ago


I have IBS-d to the extreme. Some times for several days at a time! I had my yearly exam last Friday and she put me on Bentyl and Metamucil once a day. Today in our Fargo forum there is a story about a woman my age that has it as extremely bad like i do.

The woman has had a device called Interstim implanted by local surgeon and its made a huge difference for her! Its made by a Minnesota company called medtronic and its something new, her surgeon has implanted 61 and most people have had good results! Im… read more

posted 10 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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Finally a solution to thos horrible problem! Good luck!

posted 9 days ago

Impacted Bowel

I suffer from IBS and unfortunately so does my 26 year old daughter and my 5 year old grandson.We find that food is the biggest trigger.. I was wondering if anyone has had an impacted bowel caused by the foods you have ate? I have had it twice, both times had to be in hospital for hours filled with laxitives, and finally had to have an impaction done which was the worst thing in the world I have gone through and I have gone through a lot. I take Clear lax every day in my tea and when I need it, in… read more


edited, originally posted 13 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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I'm better today thank you the movacol are sachet's you dissolve in water they are good there not thick and lumpy like some I have had there nice to… read more

posted 9 days ago

Has anyone found that you only get gassy at work?

I have a problem with gas. My sister says she never smell me. But when im at work it happens. Im using probiotics drinks lots off water stoped drinking all caffeine. Im at a loss....

posted 17 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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hi Norma is true nothing found yet i hope one day they do fine samething

posted 5 days ago

Should I cancel my gastro appointment

At the minute I'm doing ok apart from the odd belly ache and Joint Pain. I'd rather give up my appointment to see the gastro if I'm generally feeling ok. I don't see any point in going when someone else may need the guys time more than me.

posted 23 days ago by A myIBSteam User

I believe your dr needs to see you when your well too. To be able to compare the differences .

posted 23 days ago
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