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What is your favorite romantic meal to cook for a loved one?

Please feel free to share the recipe.

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posted 11 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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Roast chicken with all the trimmings always goes down a treat

posted 6 days ago


I am meeting with my doctor today to discuss options for being nauseous all the time. I have tried a couple different options, but I am curious what has worked for others, and what hasn't?

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posted 15 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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I went through a year of not being able to keep anything down and my husband would get me pedilite and Gatorade and my doctor finally put me on zofran which I took for… read more

posted 9 days ago

I'm having trouble adding foods back to my diet. If I stick to eggs, toast, chicken, etc. I feel fairly well but get little fiber.

When I try a new food, I usually get the type of heartburn that feels like chest pressure, not burning. Doctor wants me to take heartburn medicine in hopes of being able to eat more variety again. I'm sensitive to meds and so far they cause more undesirable side effects than I felt initially. I've also tried a supplement Zygest which does help if I have diarrhea, not so much with heartburn.… read more

posted 19 days ago by A myIBSteam User

When someone with IBS gets a stomach bug. I guess does it take longer for us to get over our virsus. What can we do to speed up the process.

I have been feeling really sick for the last week. If i eat anything more than soup, toast or rice. My stomach feels like cramps and burning. Now I started having Diarrhea. When I took tums that seem to help with the burning in my stomach. I can't deal with having a virsus on top of my IBS problems to.

posted 19 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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I'm not sure I know that I've used it several times. Check online to see if it is alcohol.

posted 13 days ago

How does IBS affect the way you travel?

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posted 19 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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Traveling for me is difficult because any stress causes my IBS to really act up! I can't eat because everything will go right through me or it waits and keeps me up… read more

posted 10 days ago

Does anyone drink lactaid milk or have yogurt

posted 23 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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I have switched to lactaid milk and it has made a world of different with me.i get the fat free with a frozen banana and chocolate syrup and feel like a NORMAL PERSON… read more

posted 18 days ago

Have you used probiotics to relieve IBS symptoms? Which one worked for you or have you felt any differences?

posted about 1 month ago by A myIBSteam User
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i also cook alot with mint, i put it in everything i make, and u don't notice it.

posted 26 days ago

What is the strangest suggestion anyone has ever made to treat your condition?

Did the suggestion work for you?

posted about 2 months ago by A myIBSteam User
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I'm on probiotics. I have yoghurt to get my stomach to work. I eat dark chocolate when I'm having diarrhea(1 block does the job). Otherwise I stay away from red meat,… read more

posted about 1 month ago

What is everyone on?

Iv just started taking mebeverine and I don't find that it works that well. I have constant stomach pains and spend most nights unable to sleep. Iv gave up lactose, I avoid bread, beans, eggs, all sorts and I'm basically left with little to eat, and I'm scared to eat anyways. My eldest son is always asking me what's wrong, and can he help, it makes it worse seeing it affect him, he doesn't understand that he can't help. There's been times iv been crying on the loo and he walks in to see if… read more

posted about 2 months ago by A myIBSteam User
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I tried mebverine years ago did not work have you tried flat bread it's like Pitta bread don't have bread every day crispbread with cheese spread cereal rice hardly… read more

posted about 1 month ago
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