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INEED TO know What Is Xiafaxan CAN do FOUR fishers and AND hammards and burning up my bum
AND For Diarrhea and for leaking MY bum

posted 3 days ago by A myIBSteam User

How do you handle holiday social settings which may surround food?

tags: holiday parties social life

posted 7 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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I'm off out tonight for my work Christmas party which includes a 3 course meal. My husband is coming with me and we have both ordered the same meal,… read more

posted 3 days ago

Does anyone elses IBS like to flare up at night at times.

Not every night but some nights my ibs likes to acted up. Like having to go to bathroom at least twice before bed. And sometimes I have nasuea with it. I wish my doctor would keep my refill of promethazine for nasuea going without having to go back and forth to the doctor office. We know I need it for ibs and my chronic migraines. So why must I keep coming back when it's the only nasuea medicine she can prescribe to me. All the others I have horrible side… read more

posted 12 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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I live off promethizine and I was surviving with Bentyl also a medicine that was recalled. When you live with pain every day it's hard to know what is… read more

posted 7 days ago

What’s the best analogy you used for a family member to understand IBS?

posted 14 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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I always carry Imodium with me. It doesn't work right away so I don't go anywhere that doesn't have a bathroom. And I have gone home early because I've… read more

posted about 12 hours ago

Do you miss the person you were before IBS?

posted 22 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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I hate having to plan or cancel things depending how my tummy feels!

posted 14 days ago

Perianal Skin Tags

Are these common with IBS. Tried searching on here for anyone who may have similar but nothing has come up.

I have a big one, anyone else.

It's kind of ok to talk about things like this on here.
12 months ago I couldn't of but I've accepted that poop is poop and bums are bums.... everyone does it and everyone has one

posted 25 days ago by A myIBSteam User

IDK. I have one on my butt from my 1st pregnancy.

posted 25 days ago

How do people manage a relationship when you feel like crap most of the time

Look I'm not in a relationship atm but sometimes I feel it would be lovely to find someone just to hold me a say everything will be ok. The sad thing is I'm not sure I could give much back atm. How do you go on when you don't feel great a lot of the time. I don't want to live a lie and pretend everything is ok, I do this enough at work and in front of my friends. Any advice would be appreciated

posted 25 days ago by A myIBSteam User

Ive been threw much

I was in out of hospital for a year with stays in oatient for weeks..finally after everytest possiabke .they diag with chronic ibs d and c if i worked i would have missed everyday excwpt may 3 days out of a month. But does.anyone else get a flare and wake up runing to bathroom and volentt vomiting?

tags: vomiting

posted 26 days ago by A myIBSteam User
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It's the tummy bloating and cramping pains, I hate and when you have a flare up I worry were the next toilet is x

posted 13 days ago

Does anyone else have white fingernails with pink at the top

My brother noticed my fingernails and asked how long they had been like that. They are predominantly white with a pink band at the top. I also have vertical grooves in them. Anyone else have this. Just wondered if this was something to do with IBS.

posted about 1 month ago by A myIBSteam User


posted 21 days ago

What are some of your favorite holiday recipes using alternative ingredients?

posted about 1 month ago by A myIBSteam User
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Well back to doctors today ! My Gastro doctor increased the amount of linzess i was taking . Lets see what he says and does today ! Think that is… read more

posted 29 days ago
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