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Are There Any Nervous Poopers Out Here?

Are There Any Nervous Poopers Out Here?

I have always been such a nervous pooer, that i take a bunch of anti- diarrhea meds before anyone comes over because I'm so fearful of having to poop with them in my house. Going out and doing it at another's house is even worse! Anyone else?

A myIBSteam Member said:

Oh yes. With IBS-D never know when flare up coming. Anytime I go anywhere even just to grocery I am very nervous. I also take Imodium pills if I know I am doing/going somewhere and I don't eat at all yesterday went to new family doctor... took Imodium Yea when family comes over for holidays even tho they know my condition (few have it too). I get so nervous. I think it can be hereditary my Dad and sis/bros have it. My sis has it. Couple of my 5 kids have it. They hate it too

posted about 3 years ago
A myIBSteam Member said:

I'm also afraid to date! What happens if I have a problem?? So no dating! Also wear diapers if going somewhere. Just in case! Does anyone get in the car and it hits 2- 3 minutes. Or when going into a store?? First thing i do is find the rest room! So disheartening!! I give up!!

posted 7 months ago
A myIBSteam Member said:

I just accpected not to have a life. Company to me is the 4 walls!

posted about 1 year ago
A myIBSteam Member said:

I am a widow, my spouse died almost 2 years ago. I am thinking about dating but my IBS, has feeling like I just can't do that. I never know when I will get sick. The stress involved in dating at my age almost certainly guarantee's it will flare up. I will have to time limit a date so I can get through it.

posted over 1 year ago
A myIBSteam Member said:

Oh yeah, I can relate....had to go to a open house with my son --- and had to use their bathroom while I was embarrassing -- 5 other people there./ugh. had no choice. Then after my son moved into his brand new house -- had to break in his bathroom -- no tissue paper -- he had to go borrow some tissues from the movers....I have had this problem since 2009.....its not quite as bad now, but it still has its moments.

posted about 2 years ago
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