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Digestive Issues Acid Heartburn Pain In Esophagus

Digestive Issues Acid Heartburn Pain In Esophagus

does any one suffer really badly with pain in uper stomach ? like acid ? food constantly repeating on them and food lying heaving on esophagus area ? iv nearly been admited to hospital.due to pain in upper stomach and heard ppl.with ibs do.suffer im.currently on omeprazole 20mg and ranitidine 150mg 2x daily don't find I have heartburn but when vomiting its exhausting pain ever ! also burns the other end any one have tips on how to sooth it very tender area :(… read more

A myIBSteam Member said:

I was complaining of acid reflux and burning my insides and when going toilat it burnt too with acid, I had a test with gastrentology and discovered I have bile acid malabsortion and have it severly I have been put on medication which binds the acid and take two omoperazole a day. You could try mentioning this to your doctor, I don't know what area your in as I've heard some areas don't do this test

posted almost 2 years ago
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