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How Many Of You Have Seen A Specialist For Your IBS?
A myIBSteam Member asked a question 💭

My old GP diagnosed me 10 years ago with IBS but i never knew i should have seen a specialist until now. I'm just wondering how many more out there haven't seen a specialist

A myIBSteam Member

I've seen a GI doctor since 2011.

posted September 9, 2023
Does Anyone Else Get Body Aches When There IBS Is Flaring Up?
A myIBSteam Member asked a question 💭

I was just wondering does anyone experience body aches and fatigue with IBS? Last night after I went to sleep I started having body aches and was like NO!! I can.t get sick... I did have a flare up yesterday and it when on all day and apparently through the night with the aches and then this morning too. I've been on a light diet since yesterday. Just curious if body aches is normal. I feel so sleepy and run down

A myIBSteam Member

Lately I have been having lower back pains when I have major attacks. Looking forward to getting home and seeing my doctors and get answers.
One day at a time! Had a good day today!

posted March 9
Can IBS Cause Swelling And Joint Pain
A myIBSteam Member asked a question 💭

It's come about over the last few months where my fingers are swollen and the joints sore mainly on my right hand. Also it seems to be affecting my shoulder and neck. For many years I've had lower back issues and sciatica.

A myIBSteam Member

You are not alone. Have had the same rhings

posted October 10, 2021
Food After A Flare
A myIBSteam Member asked a question 💭

once you have had a flare do you eat that day or following day and what do you eat ?
I have no diet as I dunno if anything upsets my stomach I can eat the same things and then some days have a flare cant seem to find a pattern :( but never know what to eat after one usually I go with out food for rest day or following day because to scared to eat :(

A myIBSteam Member

I aso have just broth, maybe crackers, applesauce for a couple of days after a flare-up. Certainly nothing else. NO milk or dairy.

posted May 4, 2023
Tired All The Time
A myIBSteam Member asked a question 💭

Is it just me or is anyone else tired even after a really goodnights sleep

A myIBSteam Member

I wake up exhausted. Want to sleep more but can’t! Want to exercise but am too fatigued.

posted December 2, 2023
This Is Probably A Repetitive Question. I Didn't See It Recently In The Q&A. Has Anyone Had Success For Their IBS-D Using The FODMAP Diet?
A myIBSteam Member asked a question 💭
A myIBSteam Member

Going gluten free helped the most. I also did a FODMAP trial. I felt better with no onions, green pepper and limited tomato sauce. I have incorporated that into my lifestyle. I do love peppers and… read more

posted June 12, 2020
A myIBSteam Member asked a question 💭

I have IBS-d to the extreme. Some times for several days at a time! I had my yearly exam last Friday and she put me on Bentyl and Metamucil once a day. Today in our Fargo forum there is a story about a woman my age that has it as extremely bad like i do.

The woman has had a device called Interstim implanted by local surgeon and its made a huge difference for her! Its made by a Minnesota company called medtronic and its something new, her surgeon has implanted 61 and most people have had good… read more

A myIBSteam Member

I'm curious what this implant does. How it helps??? I've had ibs for forty years and it's time for it to stop

posted February 9, 2019
Weight Gain? Has Anyone Experienced This Even If You Can Barely Eat?
A myIBSteam Member asked a question 💭

I know personally I retain a lot of fluid during my flare ups. But I've gained and I really don't eat much when I do. I've gain up to 20lbs being sick and all I can do is sleep through it.

A myIBSteam Member

Yes it's hard to lose or maintain weight I think its inflammation and water retention and when you feel well I take advantage and eat up while I can so that's why I think I have 10 lbs that comes off… read more

posted November 5, 2023
Does Anybody Else Find Sugar Causes Crippling Stomach Pain
A myIBSteam Member asked a question 💭

Everytime I eat sugar in any form my stomach swells and I suffer crippling pain, nothing eases it. I try to avoid sugar as much as possible but because I'm so hormonal I tend to crave it occasionally. :(

A myIBSteam Member

Have you been tested for SIBO?

posted August 23, 2021
Feeling Of Having To Move Bowels
A myIBSteam Member asked a question 💭

Most times, after moving my bowels I have the constant feeling of still having to go. I do go a lot but it takes many bowel movements until the feeling goes away. It is miserable. I am happiest on days when I don’t go at all!
Can anyone else identify with this and is there anything that helps. Thanks.

A myIBSteam Member

Mine too. Constipation for almost 2 weeks, and then diarrhea for a week. I suffer from migraine as well. I am afraid I'm going to get fired. 😒

posted March 24
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