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Impacted Bowel

Impacted Bowel

I suffer from IBS and unfortunately so does my 26 year old daughter and my 5 year old grandson.We find that food is the biggest trigger.. I was wondering if anyone has had an impacted bowel caused by the foods you have ate? I have had it twice, both times had to be in hospital for hours filled with laxitives, and finally had to have an impaction done which was the worst thing in the world I have gone through and I have gone through a lot. I take Clear lax every day in my tea and when I need it, in… read more

A myIBSteam Member said:

It’s now 6 months since my impacted bowel and sepsis. I’ve learned a lot. Sepsis leaves you with a compromised immune system, similar to a cancer… read more

posted about 1 year ago