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Can IBS Cause Swelling And Joint Pain

A myIBSteam Member asked a question 💭

It's come about over the last few months where my fingers are swollen and the joints sore mainly on my right hand. Also it seems to be affecting my shoulder and neck. For many years I've had lower back issues and sciatica.

posted September 20, 2017
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A myIBSteam Member

I have pain in my hands, left shoulder, neck, lower left abdomen and back. When the IBS flares, I am miserable. Down in bed for the day, tossing and turning, feeling miserable.

posted March 29, 2018
A myIBSteam Member

When my ribs acts up, it seems that everything aches and swells. Cutting down on gluten products and most " junk food" helps me

posted September 27, 2017
A myIBSteam Member

I go through the same thing. My ibs has always gone into my lower back. Then I get burning in my vagina from all the inflammation

posted December 22, 2020
A myIBSteam Member

Oh yes! I have IBS and I think there is a connection to my lower back pain, achy joints and muscles. Now I have achy legs. I think it’s all connected. All very frustrating!

posted August 28, 2019
A myIBSteam Member

Yes i get all these things, I never knew it was related to IBS

posted January 27, 2021

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