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How Many Of You Have Pain Every Day?

A myIBSteam Member asked a question 💭

I wouldn't say I have a flare up everyday or extreme pain, but I definitely do have abdominal discomfort at least 6/7 days of the week. I'm new to this diagnosis and am just trying to figure out what is common/normal for this.
Any information/testimonies would be great

posted February 28, 2018
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A myIBSteam Member

40 years of this IBS nonsense and I still don't have a tried and true solution when I feel an episode coming on. I figured it would get better when I I don't ever want to go anywhere for fear of having an IBS attack. I know the average person would think I was nuts but those of you who suffer through this "syndrome" are very well aware of what I'm writing about.
My gastro dr has just started having me drink Miralax everyday. He's hoping this will calm things down. Without it, I 'm lucky to go to the bathroom once a week. Only been doing it for a week and it definitely has me going almost everyday...….but I still have cramping here and there.
Sorry for the long rant...…..good luck to those suffering....I feel (literally) your pain.

posted May 14, 2019
A myIBSteam Member

I suffer stomach pain everyday it's exhausting

posted September 3, 2019
A myIBSteam Member

Every day, all day. I can't eat if I need to go out.

posted March 20, 2018
A myIBSteam Member

Every day. Some are better than others but I have gas pain every day.

posted March 5, 2021
A myIBSteam Member

Everyday either muscle spasms, pain on the left side of my gut and also a lot of gurgling noises. This is something I’ve wondered since being diagnosed.

posted December 9, 2020

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