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Does Anyone Else Have Constant Trapped Gas In Upper Abdomen?

A myIBSteam Member asked a question 💭
posted June 8
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A myIBSteam Member

Bentyl works for me too, but I don't like the little bachlash the day after (little pain on front and eyes). For the trapped gas : burping, burping a lot and again make miracles... in my case ;-) Practice daily at least fifteen minutes with belly relaxation and no backlash the day after. So I don't Bentyl often.

posted July 6
A myIBSteam Member

I also take Bentyl when needed. It definitely helps.

posted June 9
A myIBSteam Member

I have pockets of gas in my left upper quadrant quite often. I’ve been told that curve of my large bowel that goes from the transverse colon (horizontal section) to the descending colon along the left side gets convoluted sometimes and traps gas. The pain is from both the spasming twisted colon and the gas. I find that simethicone works well most of the time for the gas and Bentyl can calm the spasms.

posted June 8

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